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Total Fire Maintenance 
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Total Fire Maintenance can demonstrate considerable expertise in the design field/supply/installation/commissioning and on going maintenance of static inverter systems. 
Our range of power inverters commences at 1.5kva(1.25kw) and extends as standard to 20kva(17KW) But larger units are available to order. We offer single in / single out and three phase in / three phase out and three phase in / single out configurations all at very competitive prices complete with 10 year life maintenance – free sealed lead acid batteries. These power sine wave inverters are designed to fully comply with BSEN50171:2001 and utilise high frequency PWM technology and have an overload capacity of 120% continuous, 130% for 30 mins and 200% for 30 seconds. A complete range of protection devices are included as standard as are LCD/LED displays to show loading and battery voltage/charge details. Matching inverter/battery cabinets with the option of separate Rack Mounting for batteries, where preferred, for larger installations. 
A recent introduction from TFM is a small range of mini sine wave inverters aimed/designed especially for emergency lighting applications using the new T5/LED emergency lighting tube utilised in the latest emergency luminaires/signs. These new mini sine wave inverters/luminaires provide a very low cost solution for upgrading old 


central battery systems where existing wiring can be utilised. The products are also offered for new installations in Multi-Rise applications as the combination of these low-power mini inverters/T5-LED luminaires can provide low cost wiring solutions, by applying these products on a per floor basis thereby reducing the amount of cabling/distribution requirements. 
Contact our design team for new installations plus our service department if you have a problem with existing inverter/battery installations. 
Below are examples of our best selling static inverters : 
Static Inverter


Pure Sine Wave Mini Inverter 
Pure sine wave output using the latest PWM & 32 bit micro-controller technology 
3 hour duration 
Wide range of capacities 
Optional remote hold off relay available 
Intelligent sealed lead acid battery charger 
Multi function LCD display 
Overload and short circuit protection 
Designed to BS 5266-9, EN 50171 & ICEL 2009 standards 
Static Inverter


No restrictions on the type of mains fitting makes our systems suitable for even high-pressure discharge lamps. Lighting levels will remain higher than with self-contained luminaires, either inside or outdoors.A totally integrated, energy efficient cost effective and unobtrusive solution for all Emergency Lighting Situations. 
Passive standby 
Active standby 
No break for ALL lighting loads including high pressure discharge 
DIN size with front access only 
All systems can be configured 1/1, 3/1 or 3/3 
Integration with our complimentary products for emergency lighting 
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