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Total Fire Maintenance 
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TFM offer a complete range of emergency luminaires/signs to comply with the requirements of BS 5266. The product range can be best categorised as follows:- 
1) Self contained emergency luminaires from single 8 watt bulkhead luminaire, 3 hour rated c/w nickel cadmium batteries and a range of options including:- 
1P65 weatherproof rated. 
Snap shut, hinged gear tray. 
Strong Freznel diffuser with option of Opal diffuser. 
Semi recess bezel available. 
Die – cast heavy duty aluminium body available for harsh environmental conditions. 
Tamperproof anti-vandal screws for fixing diffusers. 
Self adhesive legend kit. 
2) The above range of bulkhead luminaires are available in medium and large body sizes again with 1P65 ratings and option of protection cage for for harsh environments (in public areas). 
3) A complete range of both metal/polycarbonate luminaire similar to above suitable for surface/fully recessed applications designed to lend in without modern decor in public buildings. 
4) A complete range of emergency lighting exit signs are available for 24 metre to 36 metre viewing distances:- 
BE8 box type sign c.w legend plate for 24 metre application. 
BE8/DS double sided box type old legend plate for 24 metre application. 
BEN/8 double sided box type sign c/w legend plate for 36 metre application. 
BEN8/DS Double sided box type sign/w legend plate for 36 metres 
BE3/8 hanging exit sign suitable for end mount, ceiling mount and hanging mount in white/brass/chrome finish all suitable for 24 metre viewing distances. 
BE3/8/DS double sided version of BE3/8 above. 
BE3FR fully recessed exit sign for 24 metre applications similar to BE3/8 are available. White/chrome/brass. 
A range of 1 watt and 2 watt down lighter LED luminaires for recessed down lighter application such as reception, lobbies. 


5) All TFM luminaires are available with our new T5/LED tube and driver PCB/battery pack. The new T5/LED tube provides a minimum to 120 lumins direct under the luminaire and the units very suitable for corridor and staircase illumination (see separate spacing charts). The T5/LED tube has a life expectancy of 5/6 years before replacement is necessary and TFM offer a two year guarantee on all units supplied. 
We offer this T5/LED tube in all of our standard luminaire/signs to increase tube/luminaire/sign life. 
6) Slave 24/50/110 luminaires. All TFM luminaires/signs are available as slaves for use with central battery systems – Quote voltage required. 
Below are examples of our best selling emergency lights : 
Emergency Lights


A modern LED weatherproof Bulkhead Luminaire (rated IP65), suitable for most internal and external applications. Available in Maintained, Slave and Mains versions. Supplied as standard with a high light transmission Prismatic diffuser. A tough Opal diffuser is also available. 
LED linear array in a standard T5 -12inch tube Which with a light output of 200 lumens only draws 5watts @230volts from its highly efficient driver PCB 
Further more this new LED tube has a life expectancy of 50,000 Hours. 
Emergency Lights

TFM/B1L Universal Luminaire 

Features : 
4Ah Nickel Cadmium Battery 
IP65 Weatherproof Rated 
‘Snap Shut’ Hinged Gear Tray 
Strong Freznel Diffuser 
Opal Diffuser Available 
Semi-Recess Bezel Available 
DIMENSIONS: L354mm x W124mm x H84mm 
Emergency Lights

TFM/BL3 Fully-Recessed 

Features : 
4Ah Nickel Cadmium Battery 
Low Profile Ceiling Plate 
Opal or Prismatic Diffuser 
NM or M Option 
Options: White, Brass, Chrome, 
Brushed Chrome or Black 
DIMENSIONS: L380mm x W158mm x H79mm 
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